Doors or just neighbors.




Neighbors they are people that just are there, we have a psycho one just under us the one that try to tell us that we walk to much or that we have our television on to loud. Im the kin of person that cant take that shit! So now the neighbor aren´t that provocative because of cause we don’t talk to loud or shout party or drag our furniture over the floor all night long. I have been working with people that have a problem with their mental health and the only thing that

I learned is that if you get involved you will become a personal psychiatrist that’s because the welfare system have gone down totally and there are not much of help to get. And Im not interested in being helpful to a jerkoff that have a company that uses their workers and sometimes they also uses people without pay taxes. So the neighbor Isn’t of my concern I think, I have other people to think of I have people that are closer to me that needs my energy, there are people that need help much more than a shitty neighbor that try to push it over me and try to boss over me. That neighbor is gone!!

Well there are nice neighbors to they I just have to say hi to and shit chat about that I’m an artist and what I have been taking photos of. Maybe that they will be part of this blog too.


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