Terminal for the ferry to Denmark from GOthenburg, the harbour have fuckt up the whole lot of Gothenburgs center. and Its corruption that have created this stuff. STENA (line) that are a company that origin from Gothenburg rents the bigger part of the riverbanks that are in the center of Gothenburg. The corrupt ideal of Gothenburg creates a situation where the citizens of the city either become part of the city´s corrupt style (that is unavoidable because if you are in the game you are part of it!) or don´t get anything. Its something rotten with Sweden and its called corruption…..


2014-07-11-0653Time to take photos, well I usually dont take that many photos of sunsets, because there is nothing like to experience them at first hand live and direct, and there are no camera or photographer that makes a photo more than the reality of nature.. But some 10 000 or so I have made during the years of taking photos.